Hair synopsis

Hair synopsis

Hair Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells the story of a certain tribe of people, of the small-sized pride, which grouped persons by common interests – of antiwar sensation, love for different medications, expanding consciousness and free love. Musical is about hippies, "flower’s children". Events unfolding with presentation of the tribe and the musical’s hallmark is the fact that the actors move freely among the spectators, mingling with the crowd.

First are the two – high school student-activist and a young man, expresses the freedom of spirit and thought. In the middle of the stage, sits alternately one then the other person, and they often asked by other participants of their changing social group, to make accents. One of the actors appears in a loincloth, and another one says that he is from England, making the fake British accent, while he reminded that he really is from the state of New York. Some of them are dark-skinned, and others are passionately listing medications.

Then in the middle is an eccentric woman who, we believe, is against all the achievements of mankind, as they lead to death, and she doesn’t even know by whom she was impregnated, but apparently, not from whom she would like to have a baby. Participants stand in letters, first FBI, then CIA and then – LSD. Then the participants imitate the speech of one of the parents of these loafers – he does not work, collects some paper trash and they decide to send him to the army and not to sponsor his idle life. He contradicted them, gathering with his odd pals to celebrate that he's alive. In short, he is a loggerhead. Then he still goes to the medical examination of military service in the army and he is given a card, with which he must go to Vietnam, but he does not want such development. At this time, the others continue to be addicted to drugs and take them to have a buzz.

Then they answer the question of why hippies have long hair. It turns out that because a natural and long hair is like a bird's feathers, because they do not cut it (well, not surprising – they don’t have scissors). One of the girls said that the people and their children should be absolutely free, as long as it does not harm anyone. Then the tribe undresses and gets engaged into jumble coitus, reciting that the true values are freedom, happiness and flowers. At the same time, they make jokes about the American flag, handing out leaflets to the public, calling to participate in their orgy, and summarize that love of all with all is natural event.

One of them describes the tribe's call to war as a desire of white to send black to kill yellow, protecting the lands, taken from the red. Approximately in the brain of most inhabitants of North America, the world looks like this: there are countries such as the US, Canada and Europe and some wild tribes, such as Africa and Asia. And yet somewhere it is Japan, which makes electronics for IPhones. Then all declare love for each other, despite the color of the skin. Two of them smoke a hallucinogen and begin to fantasize about the war from different ages. Then start some phantasmagorical theatricals, where politicians and Hollywood stars are mixed together in a pile. Someone shoots Lincoln, but he refuses to die.

After visions retreat, someone goes away, someone is engaged in physical love, and someone goes out, in the middle of a snowstorm, covered only in a sheet. One of them pretends to be invisible, but the Army's hand reaches for & picks him, despite his protests. Then everyone starts dancing and the curtain closes.
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