Hair review

Hair review

Hair Review - Broadway musical

With this musical linked multiple waves of ripples on the surface of the consciousness of society. Legal ripple was associated with the filing of the sue claim from the creators of the performance to the organizers of the Tony ceremony, who did not want to include this musical in the Tony’s list in 1968. The following year, it was presented in two categories, but did not get any awards – in retaliation, obviously, for this unfortunate incident. In addition, on many sites, on which it was, people badly treated to scenes of full nudity and numerous profanity that were there. The West End had to even cancel the legal regulations, allowing musical to stage there, but the result has surpassed even Broadway on the number of spectacles.

Bertrand Castelli, founder and inspirer of idea of this musical, adapted it to local conditions, despite the rule that musicals from Broadway has never did so, always playing in English without being tied to the realities of the hosting country. Here the viewer can find French, German, and Mexican adaptation, among others. In Germany, the opening held also in 1968, as well as on Broadway, in Sydney – in 69 (staying there for 2 years). In Mexico, the show was shown only 1 time, and then was banned by the country's authorities. In Brazil the opening was also in 1969. In Belgrade (Serbia) show was revealed even to the communist regime – the first Broadway musical that dared on such an extreme step. Among the other countries that the show visited, were: Austria, Israel, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands, Japan & Italy. At the end of 1970, the show has been the most widely played Broadway play – simultaneously, it was reproducible in 300 locations, being the most successful production in the history of NY as of 1970, collecting USD 35 million only on royalties per year.

Musical in bright colors and irreconcilable shades tells about a "tribe" of people who share a sense of anti-war sentiment, and who wanted to end the war as quick as possible. The contribution of a show has invested in the early completion of The Nam War, because its songs have been used widely as a part of the culture of the movement against this war. In addition to this postulate, the show exploited the idea of the sexual revolution, which has been quite a turbulent river in the US in 1960-1970 years. It is also a politically active plot of human beings, which affects the themes of racial segregation and war for independence, plurality of embedded elements of the hippie culture, as well as the struggle between the generations of fathers & children. Diverse, multi-faceted musical, also founded a place for personal choice, education of the child, conceived from unknown person, and the choice between rebellion and humility.

Hot topics of nudity and drug use caused a storm of debates, revolving around the histrionics. But it is the most fair to listen to a view of hippies, who considered the nakedness not only as a protest against the banning of society, but also as a symbolism of openness to the world and to each other, as the contemplation of beauty and of divine creation, as an act of unity with nature, as an opportunity to revere physical beauty rather than to blame and to hide it.
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