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What A Guy lyrics

What A Guy


What a guy
He can fight like a champ, yes-sir-ee
What a guy
Though he's crazy-he's crazy for me

When I said hold off the wedding
The color left his cheeks
Don't'cha love a guy who freaks
At waiting seven weeks
What a guy
He was probably as charming at birth
Who I know if I asked him would gladly move heaven and
Even I can hardly miss
What a guy like this is worth

He's the first one I trust to come back

What a guy
When he does I'll give him him such a smack
He's no chip off Chippendale
But he's breath of spring
He does rotten imitations
But he's the real thing

What a guy
He's a guy with a hell of a nerve
But he's kind and he's good he thinks this is what I
And it's hard to disagree
When a guy like this loves me

How I overlooked
His great appeal
A month ago
Now like in the past
I'm the last to know

What a mensch
I can hardly believe what he did
He even proposed to my kid
Any idiot can see
What a guy
Who is decent and honest and true
Who could smile through what I put him through
What a guy for me
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