I Think I Can Play This Part lyrics - Goodbye Girl, The

I Think I Can Play This Part lyrics

I Think I Can Play This Part


Tell me how'd ya like to be my kid
Does that really sound so bad
Mark this down, I'm putting in my bid
Lucky you
Are one of the few
Who get to chose their dad

What you're looking for
Is the stand-up, steadfast type
Who's rugged strong yet sensitive and kind
But a leading man
With a sentimental stripe
Plus charisma
Is always hard to find
Does that sound like anyone we know?
Anyone we've met?
Who can we get?

I think I can play this part
Though no one's ever got it right before
I've a new interpretation
And a lot of motivation
And I seem to know the lines by heart
I'm sure I can play this part

You've been holding out
For a white knight on a steed
Who's dashing, handsome, filled with warmth and wit
Who can make you laugh
Sense of humor guaranteed
Plus an ego
And a smile that doesn't quit
Can this world-class paragon be found?
And who can he be?
Sounds just like me

I know I can play this part
It's one that I've prepared for all my life
I'll approach it with devotion
Understanding and emotion
Say the word cause I can't wait to start
I'm sure I can play this part

I'm a quick study
And I love to rehearse
And I fell a strong connection
Tell me what you need from me
I can't take direction

I'm burning to play this part
And no one's ever longed to play it more
It's a role that I'm so right for
That I'm willing to fight for
We can both create a work of art
And I promise to stay for the run of the play
I know I play this part
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