2 Good 2 B Bad lyrics - Goodbye Girl, The

2 Good 2 B Bad lyrics

2 Good 2 B Bad

Mrs. Crosby

As a dancing French fry
Your mom's a pretty hot tomato
But get up off that sofa girl
Before you turn into a hot potato

Put down that remote control
Hit the books-no rock and roll
Real life is nothing like Cosby
So move it or else Mrs. Crosby gets mad
Do your homework
You're too good to be bad

You have had too much TV
Mom's not half as strict as me
I know your arm may need twisting
But don't even think of resisting a tad
It's a school night
You're too good to be bad

Drop that phone and don't start yackin'
I wanna hear those books start crackin'
A genie granted me three wishes
Get to your math and history and then do the dishes

Please, don't make me turn to force
You are left with no recourse
Land in the slammer or end up a grammar school grad
You're really awfully hap'nin' for an anglo-saxon
So take a tip from Mrs. C and Michael Jackson
Just don't dis me
You're so good that you're bad!!!
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