Goodbye Girl, The synopsis

Goodbye Girl, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the book by N. Simon. Unemployed Paula, who was a dancer in the past, lives with her boyfriend, the actor, in one of the districts of New York. They hope to move in California. One day the mother and her 10-years-old daughter Lucy come back home and find out that Paula’s groom is gone. The man leaves a note in which he says that he received a new role in the European movie. He advises Paula to return in dancing to earn money. But the desperate 33-years-old woman thinks that she is too old for it. Flat-broke, the mother and the daughter are left with their problems. Besides, the part of the apartment is leased to ex-groom’s friend, the actor from Chicago. He is going to stay there for 3 months. Elliot is very kind and friendly. He likes the meditation and plays the guitar.

At the first sight, Paula and the actor have nothing in common. Certainly, they argue for a long time. But then Paula decides that both of them are in difficult situations. She allows him to move in and he gets the smallest bedroom in the apartment. Elliot agrees with these conditions. However, quarrels in the house don't stop. The woman continues to dictate her requirements. She tries to look proudly in the unfortunate situation. The only person, who tries to reconcile them, is the pretty daughter.

Elliot is invited to take part in the performance. But he should play a very strange role – Richard III in the image of gay. The man is against this idea, but the director accuses him in conservatism. Elliot agrees, believing that the ordinary king Richard will surprise nobody in New York. He invites Paola and Lucy to a premiere. The performance is failed. After responses of critics, Elliot loses his job. Now they are united by their general failures. They feel an attraction to each other. However, Paula continues to resist her feelings. But, with the help of Lucy, she understands that Elliot is the man she needs. The happy life together awaits for them.
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