We've Got Girls lyrics - Glory Days

We've Got Girls lyrics

We've Got Girls

Do you ever wonder where the females going
When ?round at the ball realize you?re flying solo
Too bad for you because they?re here with me
Waiting in line until we mambo horizontally

Do you ever wonder where he gets this shit
Or if any of his skanks that he bangs believe a word of it
He isn?t anybody?s Mister Right
I?m the one the ladies want for more than just a night

Don?t listen to a word he says
He hasn?t be kissed since Truth or Dare

How do you know that?s true
When I?m with girls I don?t think you?re there
I see what they wanna hear
And you don?t know ?cause you don?t care
I?ve got girls by the balls

(Spoken) What?

I figure them out and I got ?m up against the wall

You?ve got nothing at all
You?re making this up
You have to hide in a woman?s bathroom dorm to get a girl near your balls

(Spoken) Don?t lie Will. It makes you look bad

(Spoken) Yeah, I never used to get any
But things change, Andy. Things change!

When high school girls were out of my league and I knew it
One awkward glance or they?d see me dance and I blew it
But college girls are much more my style

?Cause they?re Jewish
All they do is make you and your Jew balls blewish

It?s too bad he?s an idiot
He might get some if he got to class

I never needed it
I know my style and can still kick your ass

You are the opposite of me
I?m more than happy to agree

Jack (or Skip):
(Spoken) You guys are nuts! Don?t you want nice saying things like love?

Will: Andy:
Of course we wanna be in love
And we?re looking for romance
But, dude if I?m not holding off Pun tang!
We?ll just get into their pants Pun tang!

We?ve got girls by the balls
They?re looking for love
But that?s not what we?re making at all

We?ve got girls by the balls
And we?re holding on
It?s time for every girl to be grabbed

Will: Andy:
By the balls How do you win the play always
By the balls Where do we like a pretty girl?s face
By the balls Where do we have Jack?s mum
By the

(Spoken) Fuck you guys!

(Spoken) balls?


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