My Next Story lyrics - Glory Days

My Next Story lyrics

My Next Story

Look at this field
Look at this perfect field
What really keeps people here
These white lines
No boundaries to hold us here
Except for mine

It might be time to try and find
A different kind of story
Instead of one that I've begun
But can't seem to complete
'Cept this is all I know
And I don't know where else to go
Or what else there is to me

If they're not gonna be
In my next story

They say to write the things you know
Well that I have and there they go
Away from here
No way to sew them back together
I wanna say I'm sorry for
My indiscretions from before
But no one's here to hear anymore
And bring us back together

I didn't want to get it when
Shifting started to occur
I didn't want to let it make us
Who we are from who we were

But there really would be something good
If I could write a story
With no conversions of versions of myself
I hate to be
And this draft that I do
Will be completely true
Which seems quite overdue to me

But that doesn't mean I see
My next story

Let's see
I'm making mistakes
And each one takes me
In a totally different direction
I'm getting lost
And finding out the cost of
Pushing too hard to make a connection
When am I grown up
And when am I still immature
Will I ever be more than just

And when am I a man
And when I am
Will I still just be doing the best that I can

When I was the glue that held us together
Observer, Inventor and Soul documenter
Constantly watching
With constant incentive
To keep moving forward
And always remember

Always remember

I don't know how
But starting now
I vow to tell a story
That takes account of the amount
I don't tell truthfully
But still can find a way
To say this is only who I am today
And there's so much more to see
Right here

In my story
And who knows what that will be
But it will be
My next story
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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