Open Road lyrics - Glory Days

Open Road lyrics

Open Road


Well, I took a month off from school
And decided to go on a trip
So I pack my bags and kissed my mom goodbye

And I got into my car
What a lousy piece of shit
But I didn't care 'cause I just needed to try
And go driving down the coast
In the nice days or the rain
I wore the same clothes
And got food on the go

I tore around those curves
Just speeding through the plains
Sometimes I went so fast I wanted to explode

Cause it was just me and the Open Road

I stopped at all the parks
And slept under the sky
And when I woke
I drove the rest of the day

I took shortcuts through people's yards
And ran my gas tank close to dry
And when I sped by cops
I knew just what to say
After the fourteenth time

When I was driving through the East
And my windows rolled down low
There was so much air that I could hardly breathe

I taught myself the land
From the Blue Ridge to Poconos
I became an expert on how the traffic flowed
I loved my life alone on the Open Road

But then I met this kid
Who wanted to go cross country like I did
But wouldn't hitch cause he had too much pride
So I offered him a ride

We learned about each other's lives
As we talked all through the night
And when he thought the time was right
He kissed me in the car
Beneath the starless sky
And with that kiss
He opened up my mind
And we went driving
We were driving

We were driving

Just me
A beautiful boy
And the Open Road

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