My Three Best Friends lyrics - Glory Days

My Three Best Friends lyrics

My Three Best Friends

Look at this field, look at this perfect field
The possibilities are endless here
Just white lines, no boundaries to hold us here
Except for time and so much history
Imagine what has happened here All the stories
Games that have been won
And friends having fun
Coming back for one perfect night
Right here

This is the story of four best friends
Who were in one place and night never ends
We talk about things that matter and then
In the same way act like we?re ten
And then do it all over again

We?re from, just imagine this kind of town
Where the popular click keeps you down
We can put on pads and make caveman sounds
As you knock smaller kids than you to the ground
Doesn?t that sound fun to be around

We were never big enough and fast enough
To keep up with all of them
But we were always smart enough and quick enough
To know we?d be better in the end

Then the seniors from the football team
Who wouldn?t let us play
We couldn?t catch or run as fast
So they told we were gay

They try to make us worship them
But we like things our way
Just me and my three best friends

Skip is a cynic a Jack?s the voice of reason
And Andy?s the reason that Skip is a cynic
The bickering brothers, it?s sick
It?s like the boiling water couldn?t mix
There?s something about us that just clicks

?Cause I am the glue that holds us together
Observer, inventor and soul documenter
Constantly watching and constant in senate
To keep moving forward and always remember
Where we started from and how far we?ve come
Since the day that we had no one
But we formed this perfect union
And an era had begun

We get this life so differently
Than anyone our age chooses to see
Me and my three best friends

Your best friends open up your mind
To parts of you, you couldn?t find
They saved my life freshman year
And I thank them everyday, right here

We?ve been away for way too long
And all that time alone felt wrong
?Cause we belong right here

And we?re coming back tonight
To remember what we were like
And pick up right where we let go
Almost a year ago

I know this story so well
And it is mine to tell
Because it is happening to me
And my three
Yeah me and my three
Yeah me and my three best friends
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