Generation Apathy lyrics - Glory Days

Generation Apathy lyrics

Generation Apathy

In a world that defines itself with
X's, Y2k's and Z's
You're pressin' for a third world war
That's real but you choose not to see
You don't care or ever dare
Outside of your complacency
But it's not just you
There's a new world order
Generation Apathy

We're just virgins who are burgeoning with readiness for more
But we've got pornos in our drawer
So we don't have to use the door

We feed a need not to bleed
Unless we're absolutely sure
We go through painstaking means to never feel pain anymore

We used to be young and stupid
But now we're just young
Cause we don't admit the stupid shit
We've done now that real life has begun

Our generations' way over-sexed and under-loved
And underwhelmed by all of the above

We complain about our perfect lives
With bigger words than most
We spew out facts and find it relaxin'
To talk shit as we boast
About me and me and me and me
Let's all raise a toast
To the generation that will turn the nation
From a super power into a ghost

Our father's are commuters
But we're stuck in our computers
Which take us all away from one another
But who cares

Cause we're too occupied to noticed what was there has died
Between families who used to love each other
Cause who cares

The problems that of the world we're in
Will always be right here
But rather than us fixing them
We'll join in with a cheer:
Who cares [x5]

Who cares

We may graduate with honors
But there's not honor in it
We are running a race but we're okay
If we don't win it

We are smart but we don't try
The "Do I have to" kind of guy
Who will never risk and never fail
If he spin it

Chivalry and bravery
The qualities we used to be
Are now only a memory

And what I'm still wondering
Is what's the most expensive thing I can get for free

I feel bad but can't help the laughter
At the generation that comes after

Generation Apathy

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