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Album lyrics:
  1. It All Comes Back (Opening)
  2. Sometimes My Father Appeared To Enjoy Having Children 
  3. Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue
  4. Not Too Bad
  5. Just Had A Good Talk With Dad 
  6. Come To The Fun Home
  7. Helen’s Etude 
  8. Thanks For The Care Package 
  9. Al for Short
  10. Changing My Major
  11. I Leapt Out Of The Closet 
  12. Maps
  13. Read A Book 
  14. Raincoat of Love
  15. I Need More Coffee 
  16. Ring of Keys
  17. Let Me Introduce You To My Gay Dad 
  18. Shortly After We Were Married 
  19. Days and Days
  20. You Ready To Go For That Drive? 
  21. Telephone Wire
  22. It Was Great To Have You Home 
  23. Edges of the World
  24. This Is What I Have Of You 
  25. Flying Away (Finale)

Maps lyrics


Make this part look rugged
Allegheny plateau
This dark shaded stripe
Bum bum bum
Is the front

Paint the long ridges
And valleys below
Our town is this dot

Quick dashes mark the property ends
Beach creek
A road that turns and bends
Little squares for houses
Strung along roads
The land transfigured
Into topographic codes

Maps show you what is simple and true
I'm laying out a bird's eye view
Where did he travel?
What did he see?
A sweeping atlas
of my dad's mythology

Dad was born on this farm
Here's our house
Here's the spot where he died
I can draw a circle
His whole life fits inside

Four miles from our door
I-80 ran from shore to shore
On its way from the Castro
To Christopher Street
The road not taken
Just four miles from our door

You were born on this farm
Here's our house
Here's the spot where you died
I can draw a circle
I can draw a circle
You lived your life inside
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