Fun Home review

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Album lyrics:
  1. It All Comes Back (Opening)
  2. Sometimes My Father Appeared To Enjoy Having Children 
  3. Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue
  4. Not Too Bad
  5. Just Had A Good Talk With Dad 
  6. Come To The Fun Home
  7. Helen’s Etude 
  8. Thanks For The Care Package 
  9. Al for Short
  10. Changing My Major
  11. I Leapt Out Of The Closet 
  12. Maps
  13. Read A Book 
  14. Raincoat of Love
  15. I Need More Coffee 
  16. Ring of Keys
  17. Let Me Introduce You To My Gay Dad 
  18. Shortly After We Were Married 
  19. Days and Days
  20. You Ready To Go For That Drive? 
  21. Telephone Wire
  22. It Was Great To Have You Home 
  23. Edges of the World
  24. This Is What I Have Of You 
  25. Flying Away (Finale)

Fun Home review

Fun Home Review - Broadway musical

A few months after the close of the play in 2014, it took some more readings in the form of music playing from the spectacle, which received exclusively rave reviews. The main actor Michael Cerveris had also been marked, who played the girl's father, about whose acting they said that it was one of the purest manifestations of theatrical skills, which allowed to bring people closely together.

Production has received such awards during its existence: 2014 (Lucille Lortel Awards – 3 wins and 6 other nominations, Edward M. Kennedy Prize – 1 nomination, Pulitzer Prize – was in finals, NY Drama Critics – 1 nomination, Outer Critics Circle Award – 1 win & 6 nominations, Drama League Award – 2 nominations, 2 victories of Obie, 8 nominations at Drama Desk Award, and, finally, Award of Off Broadway Alliance – 1 victory); 2015 (Tony – 5 wins & 7 another nominations, Theatre World – 2 Awards, one Grammy nomination).

Sources for the production of this musical served a series of graphic novels, designed as memoirs by the author Alison Bechdel. It saw the light in 2006. Study started within 3 years, and after another 4, musical went to Broadway, and before that it was in another theater, earning more awards than its Broadway’s version. Although, no doubt, the time spent on Broadway helped musical to pay off.

In the center of events intertwined 3 female incarnations in various times – when she was still a girl, adolescent and now a woman. She recalls her difficult relationship with father – a homosexual, who was even arrested for his criminal adventures, corrupting an underage boy, drunken him with an alcohol. Largely due to the strange world view, both a girl and her father could not in the future to build the normal life, because her father had been interesting in objects of his passion only: some junk from the dump, which his neighbor called “barn”, much more than in his own daughter and, even more so, in his wife. And since she did not see the object to follow, as well as normal loving relationships between her parents, she also chose for herself unusual orientation, started a relationship with her friend from college.

The brightest moments in the life of this simple girl were some kind of separate rays, when she launched a flying kite with her dad, or watched a TV. But more he was remembered to her as a person, who forbade her everything, including self-expression – when she wanted to wear jeans and a jacket, he forced her to wear a casual dress.

This is not the mainstream, it is not a benefit, but rather the cry of the soul of a person, who seemed to have lived all life in a cage, and was not able to get out of it, even up to 45 years, because the parents could not show her what really this world is: huge and interesting, with lot of different people and ideas, inhabit it. That is why she is both the protagonist and the antagonist.

Of the 12 nominations on Tony – that is already an outstanding achievement – the musical received 5. And for good reason, because deserves attention here not just a game of actors, but also an excellent accompaniment of musicians, especially a pianist, sensitive to all necessary pauses. It is difficult to play with young actors, first and foremost, for themselves, but they deserve more than high praises for their efforts, as evidenced by the long list of awards and nominations.
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