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When Love Is Inside You lyrics

When Love Is Inside You

Read a page. See if it doesn't move you

When love is inside you
Don't ever be afraid
Just let your heart guide you
You're fears will be allayed

For the one you adore
Just cannot ignore
The light in your eyes
That light signifies
Love is inside you
And now it starts to rise

Don't be to shy to let your romance begin
When passions ignite you, you cannot lock them in
Show the one you admire that you are on fire
Then chase away any kind of doubt
When love is inside you, you've got to let it out

You must not be frightened
Dear friend i'm on your side
You blush can it be that you're ill?
I'm not ill, i don't blush
Yes you do, you're dishevelled and flush

You must get some rest now
Right here on my breast now
You shake, can it be that you are scared?
I'm not scared, i don't shake
Yes you do, i'm concerned for your sake

Alfred : isn't there some kind of happening tonight?
Herbert: you are such a ravishing sight
Alfred : i'm not
Herbert: beautiful lashes
Alfred : my lashes?
Herbert: phenomenal
They look like wonderful threads of gold

We'll have a glorious time tonight
Handcuffs and wine and candlelight
And we'll be dancing, romancing
My innermost dreams will come true
When i'm deep into you

What is it you're feeling?
Confused, it must be me
Your banana is peeling
You are in love i see
Ah yes, well i'm in love too
In love with guess who?
Yes alfred with you

When love is inside you
You've got to let it
Let it out

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