Dance of the Vampires script

Dance of the Vampires Script - Broadway musical

Action takes place in a tiny settlement in the midst of Carpathian Mountains, with two newcomers arriving to prove a professor’s opinion that vampires really exist. Winter. They settled in an inn, almost frozen from the cold on the way. One of the companions, younger one, falls in love with a girl – the daughter of the owner of the inn, and she also finds him attractive. Once, in one night, when she bathes, a vampire breaks in through the ceiling and was about to drink her blood, but the cries of the guest, who was watching the girl in chink, forced him to take the flight, waking her parents. Before leaving, the vampire invited the girl to the ball at the castle of vampires nearby.

The next morning, the hunchback brought a bundle under the door of the inn, which turned out to be red shoes for the ball for a girl. That same evening, she decides to run away to this castle. Her father chases after her, but later his frostbitten body is seen in the forests, all in tooth holes. Locals deny the presence of vampires, blaming wolves on everything. The wife of the murdered refuses to pierce his heart with a stake, not to violate the integrity of his body, putting him into a separate room, waiting for the memorial service. On the same night, he gets up and kills theirs maid, whose body is found, and everyone understands that he turned into a vampire. It begins to be hunted and driven into a corner, where, in exchange for a pardon, they force it to show the way to the castle, which is inhabited by vampires, where now a girl – his daughter – is. Getting up there, they meet the owners – an impressive Count and his charming son, who immediately attracted to one of the new arrivals. They invite the guests inside and latter reluctantly accept the invitation.

A girl is really in the castle and newcomers search for her and find in one of bedchambers. She insisted that she wanted to spend the night in a castle, dancing with vampires, and refuses to leave, dressing up. While newcomers looking for a place where vampires sleep to try to kill them, they examine the magnificent halls and libraries of this place. Son of Count almost bites the young team-mate, but the professor came to the rescue in time to stop him and drives him away with the cross. Their search failed, the night falls and they watch with horror as from the local cemetery of the castle many vampires arrive for the upcoming ball. A girl enters the ballroom, dressed elegantly, gets bitten and weakened. The guests, clothed in vampire gown, pretending that they are vampires too, penetrate on the ball to follow the girl. They are exposed as the mirror reflects only them, alive ones.

The chase begins behind them and they are fighting against the vampires with the help of the cross, made of chandeliers. All three of them manage to escape from the castle, despite the fact that one of vampires was sent chasing them, which in a way was eaten by wolves. They stop to rest on the hill, catching their breaths. As a girl was bitten, now she turns into a vampire and bites young companion of professor who does not see what is happening behind him since is busy recording what they saw. He was also bitten and turning into a vampire, and all three of them eventually return to the ball in the castle for the next evening.
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