Eternity lyrics - Dance of the Vampires

Eternity lyrics


Isn't all it's called up to be
A circle of circles
An endless encore
No future, no past
Just recurring recurrence
Nothing fresh, or untouched
Just the same lame eternity
Nothing new, in the game
Just the same pain in the ass of eternity

Is a horrible nuisance
We're treading the treadmill
That never moves on
No future, no past
Just recurring recurrence
No salvation, no soul
In the black hole of eternity
We got style, we got class
But we're stuck in the morass of eternity!

Open the gates
To the abyss of horror
Let's teach the mortals
Who's running the world
Let's torture their souls
With revulsion and terror
Let them feel the power and the glory
The glory of hellfire
Hellfire, hellfire, hellfire, hellfire!

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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