Logic lyrics - Dance of the Vampires

Logic lyrics


You think i haven't got a clue
Your cringing makes me weary
Its time i introduce to you
My fundamental theory
Logic, logic
The world is based on logic

When i was but a little boy
A sitting on my mammas knee
A visionary thought i got
As pure as trigonometry
Logic logic
The answer is logic

So to heidelberg i travelled
At the tender age of seven
All my courses i unravelled
By the time i turned eleven
Using logic (logic)
I became petagogic

My thinking's clear my visions firm
Illusions can't delude me
This early bird will catch his worm
You simply can't elude me
Put me to the test
And you will find
You can't mess
With this professors mind

With a logic unmistakable irrational reality
Your stubbornness i'll shake and break your confidentiality
My skill is unsurpassable
My thinking truly awesome
Yet i do become irascible
With people playing possum like you do

I was sticking out my neck
With such impeccable detection
While deflecting all the threat
That you direct in my direction
I came all the way from heidelburg
To undertake my final quest
To save your suicidal burg
I'll do my level-headed best for you

You may be a simple pigeon
But you'd fly like a toboggan
If you only had a smidgeon
Of the knowledge in my noggin.
Now you lose this simply query
When i execute this high kick
I'll elucidate this theory
With a logic almost psychic like i do
To detect the undetectable
Is what you can expect from me
Dissecting the respectable
Just like an appendectomy
My brain is like a razor
Contemplating the confusion
Ripping deep into the haze
And wide polluting the delusion this is true!

Always thinking rather logical to cause a revolution
He won't give a damn, no not one bit about your revolution
And his theory is so radical
And certain so far reaching that a permanent sabbatical
For preaching what he's teaching

Our professor is the pips
Shooting from the hips
So we need to get a grip
For letting people dip
This song sure is a pain
Are we going all insane
And we never will change what's logically true

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