Dance of the Vampires review

Dance of the Vampires Review - Broadway musical

Michael Crawford was asked to participate and it became a huge mistake. He was a star of the show The Phantom of the Opera. Crawford did numerous attempts of intervention into the production process and demanded huge wages and other buns.

This musical for a long time was worked-out and to its development celebrities handed, such as Roman Polanski, the creator of the original film, Michael Crawford, with its exorbitant financial demands and paranoid about to play the most unlike to his only notable role – The Phantom of the Opera, one of the immortal works of genius Andrew Lloyd Weber. Sonenberg, who was a creative producer, was able to draw the necessary funding and the musical was launched. Although it was planned to stage on Broadway in 2000, and later – in 2001, in 2000 these plans come untrue due to inability of Roman Polanski to visit US personally. In 2001 – a terrorist crisis prevented, which later became known worldwide as the 9/11, as the production was carried in London, and aircrafts began to delay, logistics had complicated, boundaries of time shifted when new musical could be produced to get a Tony Award nomination and so on, so its start was shifted to autumn.

In addition to Crawford, the team of actors included: L. Hocking, M. von Essen, R. Auberjonois, R. Orbach & M. Gonzalez. On paper, everything looked great – a big star with a good experience, the director, who won the Tony in his life, the composer who wrote the fantastic rock operas. But when the rehearsals started, it became clear that the musical was just a bunch of nothing. Actors began to fight and made fun of Crawford’s gown and himself, calling him fat cock, he also threw back many great ideas. Choreographer was completely unprofessional, because his vision of the choreography consisted of a pair of words, and the director could not cope with the production of this scale. As a result, even the original developer of the script in German noted that the director and his star Crawford could not come to a final view, whose ideas were better and just ruined everything, nothing included in the final version. The director was absent for several weeks due to family reasons. Steinman and Sonenberg fired each other from the musical, being mutually tied as the producers of the show.

Based on the famous name of Crawford, the producers finally started selling tickets for the "runaway train", which went on its own, not in the direction as it supposed to be, did with great difficulty and experienced the loss of a few actors, having a hard shouting in the process between all. Its outgone version differed with inconsistency and obscure game, and its humor was met with minor approval and huge flurry of criticism. For example, a cover version of Total Eclipse Of The Heart – was full of disgusting arrangement, the voice did not keep any synchronization with music, and the overall impression was left simply heinous.

Despite attempts to remake the costumes and to rewrite the script to make this freak show to be a normal musical, everyone did not like too dapper suits of vampires with their silly high collars and a lot of sense-able ideas were still rejected by a team of actors and directors. Due to the constant movements of the material and the fact that Crawford was constantly putting some of his jokes, to test the best, his partner was suffering from his jokes were constantly cut off and they were always quarreling with Crawford on this occasion. Before the start, they kind of made up, but it only gave the opportunity for show to be completely banned by critics.
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