Don't Leave Daddy lyrics - Dance of the Vampires

Don't Leave Daddy lyrics

Don't Leave Daddy

When a man has got a pretty daughter
Then his life is pretty filled with pain
Cause she never does the things he taught her
It's enough to drive a man insane
It's a pity that i must conceal you
Though you're lovely as a budding rose
But there's always someone out to steal you
You can't see them but your father knows

Sleep my little darling
Dream my tender starling
No one must awake you
No one must a take you
You're not ready
I'm not ready
We're not ready
Don't leave daddy

Now you're looking forward to your birthday
You still think that it is fun to grow
But to me your birthday is a curse day
Cause it means you're old enough to go

Sleep my sweet confection
Papa's your protection
No one must confuse you
No one will abuse you
I'm not ready
You're not ready
No one's ready
Don't leave daddy…

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