All You Have To Do Is Wait lyrics - City Of Angels

All You Have To Do Is Wait lyrics

All You Have To Do Is Wait

There's no sun up in the sky
And the birds forgot to sing
But you're headed for a cell
Then to die and rot in hell
So it might as well be spring
I'll be singing like a bird
When the jury sets the date
And this capital event
Proves revenge is heaven sent
All ya have to do is wait

You're about to take that siesta
Stone but don't request a
Padre rest a
--Assured that I'll say mass
try a final meal of tacos on a
Plate of beans, maƱana
Odds are gonna
Give you gas

They will strap you in a chair
And for once you'll be polite
You'll say gov'nor "pardon me"
But he's sure to disagree
Cause the case I've made is tight
It's the people versus Stone
And my money is on the state
Who says dreams do not come true
You will get what you are due
All ya have to do is wait

Time to fiesta
On the day you die I'll eat high on the hog
Santa Maria
I will go to town on the day you're put down like a dog
I'm leading an ovation
At your asphyxiation
As crowds line up to watch you pay your debts
I'll collect my bets
Playing castanets

As you're walking your last mile
I'll be overcome with pride
Taking pleasure in your death
And to know your final breath
Will be filled with cyanide
Though you've never been my fav'rite
In my native lingo
The end is close
As they seal the chamber door
Think of me who sealed your fate
Once the pellets hit the pail
From the instant you inhale
All you have to do is wait
Good things come to those who wait!
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