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Silly Old Hat lyrics

Silly Old Hat

It's just a silly old hat
That I wear on my head
It's not like I care enough
To wear it to bed
'Cuz I don't

It's just a silly old hat
With some buttons attached
It's not like I'll fall apart
If it should get snatched
'Cuz I won't

It's just a silly old hat
My father bought at a game
The Yankees were taking a whipping
And Dad said he and Mom were slipping too
Kid sometimes marriages fail
It's kinda like school
You get graded
And just like a short stop
Who's getting stale
Fathers also get traded

It's just a silly old hat
That I wear with my dad
It's not like I see him much
But don't get all sad
'Cuz I'm not

But still we travel a lot
There's a pin for each trip
To Maine or to Disneyland
Some cool battleship
See this spot
So, big deal!
He's not there
When I wake up most days
Or come home after school
Or have problems with math
Or get ready for bed

I've got this silly old hat
That I wear on my head.
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