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An Only Child lyrics

An Only Child

Kicker: Dear god, My sister joanna thinks SHES god. boy is she wrong....
Kicker: Whats your problems?
Joanna: Brett williams is an idiot, i will never speak to him again as long as i live
Kicker: You have to....IF YOU WANNA MARRY HIM!!
Joanna: UHHHH! you are really gonna get it when you get home!
Sung: If only you could make me an only child, I'd get to tell my sister to go...
She wouldn't hog the bathroom, Id have the bigger bedroom, then maybe i'd have room to grow.
An only child is never a lonley child...Not when he/she s surrounded by toys. Plus a pony and a puppy, a rabbit and a guppy as long as all my pets are boys!
god, Im sure you have a lot of prayers to grant, from jerusulem to washington to rome. cause all the world is praying for world peace. but shouldnt peace beging at home? life would be so cool as an only child, no one tattles when you do wrong... say goodbye to fighting
Joanna: pulling hair and biting
Kicker sung: hey this is supposed to be my song!
joanna: FINE! so I guess i wont play you my cool music
Kicker: and I guess i wont show you my cool ant farm
Joanna: And i wont climb a tree to save your kite
kicker: or tell knock knock jokes in the middle of the night
joanna: or teach you not to wear those DORKY clothes
kicker: or how to spray milk out of your nose.
joanna: or swear
kicker: or burp
joanna: or eat like a hog
Joanna: or make a smelly (blows rasberry)
Both: and blame it on the dog!
kicker: well i guess i cant be an only child...
joanna: Im here.. so its sort of too late..
kicker: well its really not that bad
joanna: in fact Im kind of glad
both: to have some one to hate!

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