Children's Letters to God review

Children's Letters to God Review - Broadway musical

Some critics, cynics and awfully highbrow snobs, allow themselves to describe this sweet and childishly naive good musical with bunch of pompous words from which it is clear only that they perfectly know how to use synonyms vocabulary. It is difficult to understand what for to construct horrific verbal constructions from simple thoughts that use such turnovers that people never use in everyday life, because they are from the category of hollow phantasmagoric verbal tightrope-walking, the essence of which is zilch. Were you was able to read previous sentence and understand what it was about? Well if so, because it is only 50% the same dreary and unpleasant construction as one of the reviews that we have read about this musical. You know what people say – thanks to the Internet, many persons have learned the buzzwords and it became more difficult to determine the idiots.

About musicals like this, people should speak as simple and easy as possible to understand their very essence, without grandiloquent syllables. Why we needed this digression at the beginning, you ask? Because this musical managed without flowery sentences to classify and to convey to the audience in a very simple, easy and understandable form subtle essence of our being. In particular, growing up, during which we ask a bunch of questions. "Why the sky is blue? Why cannot we kill my nasty older sister? Why bees poop with honey?" The truth is, most advanced kids ask themselves these questions earlier than at the age of 8–15 years, as on the scene here. These issues arise during the period of active education, between 3 and 7 years. But we also have exaggerated questions asked on stage; there are more of them here, more adult. In addition, there are also very serious things. On which adults often cannot answer unequivocally with details, so they have to arm themselves with a box of Martini and free a separate Saturday or Friday night. For example, why my parents have separated. Or why do thick I have to become thin, contrary to my nature? Just for the sake of public opinion? Pff.

What is interesting in the musical? Firstly, it is the stage design. All the backdrop was a large handwritten letters to God. The latter is not masked by anything, but represents only a certain general all-knowing force, which allows to ask questions and to find answers sometimes through the environment or the internal "me". A large sheet of paper of about 16*32 feet, on which some wishes were written, that these kids really wanted to come true.

Basically, the musical contains songs, which are bigger part than lyrics. Children cope with it all very well, at the level of adult actors who have graduated the drama college. The age of their prime five (or eight, if considering their substitutions) – just one that is not the best way amenable to training. Surely, the creators of the show have put many efforts to receive disciplined actors.
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