I Know lyrics - Children's Letters to God

I Know lyrics

I Know

I've heard people say
The world can be explained
By atoms colliding
And I've heard some insist
If God really does exist
Well He must be hiding
I say let the doubters doubt
'Cuz God I've found you out

Every time I count the stars in the sky
I know
Or watch a single cloud sail lazily by
I know
Who else could make the Grand Canyon
Oh so grand
Or fill a seashore up with tiny grains of sand
Or make the feeling that I get from holding your hand
I know
I know

I've people sneer
If God is really here
He's an underachiever
Well this is what I've found
If they take a look around
They'll be a believer
For You are here in everything
Even in this song we sing

Every time I catch the sunrise at dawn
I know
Or see and ugly duckling change to a swan
I know
Who else could help the bald eagle fly so high
Or make my spirits soar when we make apple pie
Or make a better world with just a butterfly
I know
I know

Every time I see a tree standing tall
I know
Or when maple leaves change color in fall
I know
I have so many questions to ask of You
You answer every one in everything You do
In the sky, in the sea, in the rain, in the snow
In the light, yes I know
In the stars, now I know
In the sky, in the sea, in the rain, in the snow
In the light, yes I know
In my heart, now I know.

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