Children's Letters to God synopsis

Children's Letters to God Synopsis - Broadway musical

Despite its religious name and very implying cover (you may name it official poster), the musical is not religion as such and not discuss topics related to it. All the emphasis of attention moved to five adolescents of visually between 8 and 15 years, who ask the questions, ordinary and natural for teenagers during the active growing and fast socialization, which exactly fall on the period of adolescence.

All acting persons are children, teenagers. They discuss with each other everyday issues and sometimes ask open-ended questions that can be addressed externally, or, if you’d like, to God, as some higher, omniscient being or Force who can give an answer or just to listen to you silently but wisely. They raise such aspects of growing-up as a rivalry between brothers/sisters, first love, relationships with parents (especially when they divorced), the reflection about his non-athleticism, hobbies and how to survive their losses.

Stoo Hample, which is also known as the Stuart Hample – author of the book that emerged from a series of short stories in 1960th, and after almost 30 years took shape as a book. At one time, in the early 1990s, it became a bestseller and it is the same writer who performed a transfer, adaptation from the page to the stage.
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