Sennett Song lyrics - Chaplin

Sennett Song lyrics

Sennett Song

Alright, let’s get started.
Wait! Where’s the script?
There is no script. Just do what i tell you to do.
But don't we rehearse first?
No, we don't.
Can i go back to london?
No, you can't. All you have to do is follow my direction.
That's charlotte in wardrobe and mary in makeup,
The girls who will help you look pretty.
That's hank on the dolly and pete on the props,
And the man at the camera is rollie.
Now makeup is waiting and daylight is fading,
So why not begin with the fun?
So come over here, chaplin,
And hang on my words,
And i'll show you how pictures are done.

With a girl and a bench, two pies and a tree,
Three cops, we'll have you all laughing.
Mabel sit down, fatty stand up,
Chaplin get in there, it's happening.
Trouble arrives, a villain appears,

Sennett (cont’d)
"fatty, catch her flirting."
And he who gets in fatty's way,
I promise will be hurting!
A little to the left, no, a little to the right,
Now stand up, chaplin, find your light.
Sit down, stand up, move left, move down,
No, no, chaplin, just look right.

C'mon, chaplin, look at me
And give me one reaction.
You get what i said,
Forget what i said,
I really just want to see action!
Charlie, run for it . . . Fast . . . Faster . . . Charlie. Don't slow it down, chaplin.
Keep up with them. What are ya doing? You're not in a theatre, chaplin. No! Wait!
You're slowing it down . . . Stop, cut, cut, cut! Charlie.

Yes, sir?

They call them movies because they move faster than anything you’ve ever seen
On the stage. That's the difference between them. Now, i like ya, chaplin.
So let's try it again. Rolling!
A little to the left, a little to the right,
Get in there chaplin and start a fight!
Show me just a little of the magic that i saw that night.
Cue the cops and cue the pies,
And villains hidden in dusguise.

Sennett (cont’d)
Chaplin help me, time is money,
Won't you show me something funny?
Mabel's sweating, fatty's thinning,
Give me just a gag that's winning.
Rollie's rolling,
Pete is waiting,
Move it, kid, stop hesitating.
Chaplin stand and mabel strut,
And fatty punch him in the gut.
Chaplin up,
Mouth is shut,
Be funny, chaplin, dammit, cut!

It's that difference again, isn't it, sir?
It is. It is.
Sorry, sir. I'm just trying to figure out my character's motivation.
In london, i always knew why my character was doing something.
Character? This is hollywood. We don't have character here and we don't have
Let me try it one more time.
Alright! Rolling! Action!

Time has passed,
So move your ass,
And give me one good shot.
You'd think you'd have it in ya
Just to give me what you got.
The camera's almost empty
So the pressure is on you.
The dusk is here.
The day has almost
Slipped without a trace.
So grab a pie, run on by,

Hit fatty in the face.
I know it's schtick,
I know it's crude,
But who can really blame us?
So, c'mon, kid, and show me now
The gag for which i'm famous . . .
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