Look at All the People lyrics - Chaplin

Look at All the People lyrics

Look at All the People

Come along, charlie, and try to be happy.
Give mum a smile. See, everyone
Along kennington lane,
They got their cares and worries, same as us.

Look at all the people,
And see into their eyes.
Try to find the story
Behind each one's disguise.
Wonder where they've come from,
And the people they have known.
We all have a secret
A face we never have shown

Look at this poor fellow.
See how he is trying
To hold his head up high.
He fights to hide his sorrow
From people passing by.
Maybe there's a lady
Who has sadly broke his heart.
We all wear disguises,
Then we just play the part.
Some have anger,
Some have hope,
Some have courage,
And some just cope.

Oh la, look at them two. So uppity. So fake.

Young charlie

Yes, trying to make everyone think they're rich, from mayfair.

Young charlie
But they're not?

Uh-uh. I'm on to them, charlie.
Look at his frayed coat and her worn-out shoes.
They're as poor as we are.
Oh, and look at this sorry bloke. Drunk as a lord.

Young charlie
Just like daddy.

Just like daddy. But trying to pretend he's sober.

Young charlie
Just like daddy. Look at me, mum.

Thatta boy, charlie! Funny, you're very funny.

Look at all the people,
And then look inside your heart.
There you'll find your story,
Then you can play the part.

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