Chaplin synopsis

Chaplin synopsis

Chaplin Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells the story of a young Charlie Chaplin – his early years as he grew up and how he became his famous "little tramp". The first act is completely devoted to the issues of growing and becoming a man who realizes that he wants to be tied up with filming industry, which was then at the very beginning of its ascending. A second act tells the story of how he got into the world of cinema that was very similar to the classical theater with its constant exaggerations in everything: in facial expressions, the movements, makeup and even in the manner of the play. And how he tried to change it.

This production is trying to cover a large time gap of Charlie career’s formation, his dawn. This is an attempt to explain who Chaplin was and how he made his career and himself. First, as an actor, and then as a director. This is an attempt to explain almost all of his aspirations but constant and enormous desire to work, which is why he was left by all of his wives. And except of Charlie’s zeal to the charms of young girls, whom he loved so much.

This is almost a failed attempt to cover too large piece of the world of Charlie Chaplin, pretty corny try of showing something between a man and a legend.
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