Man of All Countries lyrics - Chaplin

Man of All Countries lyrics

Man of All Countries

I am not a communist, i am a humanist, a man of all countries, who cares deeply
For those whom the world has oppressed and forgotten.

Here is a picture from the communist rally
And the man of honor is chaplin.
He spoke for their cause,
Endorsed all their laws,
We can't let this kind of thing happen.
The danger has spread,
The color of red shines wherever he goes.
This man of all countries,
We need to find out who he knows.

I need no borders to define what nation i am loyal to. I may travel on a british
Passport, but i am nonetheless a citizen of the world. Patriotism is a love for one's
Country. Nationalism is an obsession that starts wars. And i speak for the children
Of russia, whom no one else in america speaks for.

A man of his fame,
A man with his name,
Can't step too far over the line.
The public believes,
What they hear and see,
The effect grows bigger with time.
He can't stay in this land,
And put out his hand,
And then toast to our enemies.
I think it's time that we follow
Everyone he sees.

Miss hopper, in order for me to launch a full-scale federal investigation into
Chaplin, you're going to have to dig a whole lot deeper!

Hedda / mcgranery
I think it's time that we/you follow
Everyone he sees . . .

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