If I Left London lyrics - Chaplin

If I Left London lyrics

If I Left London

If i left london tomorrow,
Would i find gold in the west?
Would i find fame in the flickers
Or a second-hand life there at best?
And if i left london tomorrow,
Would i succeed or just fail?
For here in my hand is a world that's unseen,
With a new kind of future that appears on a screen.
And there on that screen could i be
Somebody other than me?
For here in poor kennington lane,
I know what my life here would be.
But far from poor kennington lane,
Could i be someone other than me?
For there i could be someone's hero,
No damsel would be in distress.
And maybe i'll meet
The most beautiful girl
With an innocent face
And sweet honey blond curls

And there on that screen could there be
Somebody waiting for me?
Syd, i got offered a job making movies in america.
I think i'm gonna take it.

I just came from one of those flicker shows and i'm telling you, they're magical!
And how about this for an idea? I'll take the job and you can come with me to
Cablegram's addressed to you, charlie. You're the one with the talent. I'm sorry.
What if i fail. End up back on the street without you?
You won't. I know it. Go! Go!

So goodbye to my life here in london,
Goodbye to old kennington lane.
Hello, america, filled with romance.
I'll pack up my past,
And take you up
On this chance.
'Cause there on that screen i will be:
Somebody different.
Somebody new.
Somebody other than me!

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