I Hate Him lyrics - Carnival

I Hate Him lyrics

I Hate Him


I hate him
I hate him
I’ve never hated anyone but I hate him
He’s some kind of monster
A monster, a devil
He shouts at me, he yells at me
Then from nowhere comes a kiss

He’s hateful
He’s hateful
It’s not my fault if I just can’t be grateful
To a man who
Never says a kind word
Never does a nice thing
Never says how are you
Only stands there being hateful
So I hate him
Yes, I hate him

Jacquot’s a nice man
Jacquot’s such a nice man
A man who smiles, a man who talks
And says a decent word
This could be a very pleasant place around here
With Jacquot
And Marguerite
And though Renardo steals
He’s very sweet
And Carrot Top
But not him
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