Carnival review

Carnival review

Carnival Review - Broadway musical

This musical is an example for many young actors; it is possible to train well on it. It is known, but not often dragged onto stage. Probably because it is difficult to find on the role of the protagonist the same bright personality as the original singer and actress Anna Maria Alberghetti, which has wonderful, superb operatic voice. Nevertheless, Victoria Thornsbury coped with the task and enriched her role, bringing to it a new vision, while remaining a naive girl who is trying to find her place in a gamy carnival (or simply, in a traveling circus), where so many different people had gathered under its dome. There she was an object for molesting, harassing, she was accepted to work and fired from it, she was like a bone in the throat to someone and someone confessed his love for her, and she felt happy with someone. The motivation of the protagonist is unclear and it is the same unrevealed from where she came into the circus. In the story, she is a naive orphan, but it is unclear what are here motives, they are not disclosed. Why would she want to be coupled with this itinerant circus? She admires them? Good. She was imbued with enormous sympathy for anyone in the circus? Also not bad. But whether she had sufficient motivation to strive to devote all her time to this circus only, and stay with it for a lifetime? Does she understand what a wandering life means? When you are almost constantly on the road and carry all your belongings with you. All the moments of real life that always accompany such a life style and their complete, indeed, bleak existence, are not represented, of course, in this musical. Instead, the viewer sees only the most successful and bright moments. For example, when the show in which she participates, becomes a hit (as this musical that won the hearts of fans and critics from the very first show).

In general, very elevated acting and dedication of actors should be noted. Their characters were bright and juicy. The main hero that depicts the orphan has not only voice, but also the charisma. Like everyone else in this show, she very advantageously played her role. For example, Gus Curry (who plays Paul – a man who is in love with Lili, and with whom they eventually stay together) has very strong baritone voice, which he favorably and successfully used in the course of this play. D. R. Sullivan was very humorous Marco, who has his eye on the main character. S. L. Jones played delicious assistant of the magician, which envy to Lili.

Adding to the already talented show even more puppets, who are spoken by a voice of 1 person, and his voice sounds for 4 different dolls with their vocal hues, it results in following – you just cannot resist the charm of this play!
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