Everybody Likes You lyrics - Carnival

Everybody Likes You lyrics

Everybody Likes You


Who can I be
Now that I can’t be me anymore
Shall I be the sunny smiling fellow
Who won’t rock the boat
Cause he might splash the ocean
But sit there and cheerfully twitter
Cause someone might say
See that man over there
He’s bitter

When will I learn to be like you
Everybody likes you
Everybody likes you
You’re a lucky fellow
You’re a lucky fellow
The secret is your smile
I ought to have a smile
That smile takes quite a knack
I think I need a smile
And who cares if it’s real
Or painted with shellac
A smile full of theatrics
For easily agreeing
Two eyes with acrobatics
To see the way they’re seeing
Let’s turn about
You say the words for me

Cause everybody likes you
Everybody likes you
And no one
No one likes me
No one
No one likes me
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