Carnival synopsis

Carnival synopsis

Carnival Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events revolve around the participants of the carnival (circus), in which one of the main roles assigned to an orphan girl named Lili. She delights all those stunts and tricks and falls in love with one of the magicians. He later hires her to be his assistant, to the envy and dismay of his long-time previous assistant.

This environment does not like Lily, and Gobert, who trade mascots, trying to harass her sexually, but she runs away from him. After that, she wanted to enter the local shop, but she was refused in service. During the first working day, in the first magical number with a conjurer, she destroys the entire focus in front of the public eye because of her excessive enthusiasm and she got fired. Full of despair and humiliation, she tries to commit suicide, jumping down from a high big perch under the top of the huge tent, but she is stopped by puppets and their puppeteer, who made them behave as if alive. They are managed by a man named Jacquot, who expresses his alter ego through these dolls.

Lili goes along with Jacquot, to take part in his puppets show, where he invited her, experiencing some vague affection to her. This show is becoming very popular hit and Jacquot suddenly discovers that he goes through specific feelings for her – called love. But he realizes that his affection is clothed in such concrete shape only because of jealousy – he sees as one of the participants of the show, Paul, spends with Lili a lot of time. Jacquot through his alter ego – 4 dolls – try to convey to Lili, that he does not want she was very close to Paul.

Paul accidentally kisses Lili and she was angry at him because of her mixed feelings and misunderstanding of how to react to him and how to behave. Then, after a time, she realizes that his feelings for her are strong, because he revealed and explained his love to her. While the carnival is going to move to another town, Lili decides that she would go with them, continue following Paul.
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