Cabaret synopsis

Cabaret synopsis

Cabaret Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events unfold against the backdrop of the 1930s in Germany, which slowly becomes a Nazi. Not yet completely succumbed to the war’s fever, but many notes are already heard. Young English-language writer arrives in Germany, Berlin, to create there his new novel. He met the prioress of the guesthouse, which accepts him to settle into the room for 50 Reichsmarks, although initially planned to take 100 out of him, but he could not pay so much, so she accepted, following the wise rule of "better 10 times of one than 10 times of nothing".

The new guest visits the nearby club, cabaret that experience its decadent times and is now dilapidated. One of the dancers, with whom he that evening having physical romance, planning to take her home, does not agree to do it, under the guise of a guy who is the owner of this establishment. The next day, however, she had to ask him to live along with him, because the owner of the club fired her and now she has nowhere to go. He reluctantly accepts her, although such co-existence seems strange to him.

The owner of the hotel accuses one of the guests that she accepts in her room different sailors. She wants to ban these people visiting her room, but latter is threatened to move out and the owner will not be earning from this room. And in general she said that the owner of the hotel was visited by the local Jewish – owner of the fruit shop, that went into her room. But he heard the conversation and said that he is the groom, and therefore has the right to and they are about to marry in 3 weeks. Not originally planned to speak so, he comes to making an offer to the owner of the hotel and she accepts it. Once, at a party on the occasion of their engagement, a hoocker, angry at the owner, says to one German, that owner is going to marry a Jew, and he informs the owner that marriage to a Hebrew now is not the best solution.

The writer wants to marry the pregnant girl and to go to America, but she loves Berlin and did not want to leave. Then she makes an abortion, and he hits her in the face. After she returned to sing in a cabaret, where she took over it all, singing 'life is a cabaret, old chum', declaring a desire to live in luxury and neglecting her surrounding world, which is constantly growing with concern.

One of the visitors of the club, Nazi beats our writer and he packs his belongings and went to Paris, starting writing his novel on the road, which he had not started in Berlin. The owner of the hotel breaks her engagement with the Hebrew – the owner of the store, because fears for their future together and for themselves. He moves out of it in a different inn.

In the last scene is portrayed as the actors go to the gas chamber and gas starts.
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