Cabaret review

Cabaret review

Cabaret Review - Broadway musical

Strong musical that deserves each of its awards, which it received – among them there are all theater awards both from the USA, and from Britain. You should understand – it’s not just many of them, it is MANY. Almost every musical evocation provided it a reward, or at least, nominations. Reason of musical’s power is in its plot, which always has a strong effect on people's minds. Subject associated with Nazism is alive as long, as least, 100 years after the last person born in the 1950s will die, who forced to live in Europe in the period of post-war chaos and crisis. In addition to the main theme, which is the entourage of the musical, there are also those strong and eternal themes like inter-gender relations, abortion, unplanned pregnancy, job loss, blissful ignorance of circumstances that make your everyday life even gloomier in the hell of war, first of all, civil. Here, once again denounced prejudice against a person only because he is not of the same nationality like yours.

A strong play, which in one of its resurrections was directed by Sam Mendes – the person who shoot the ‘American Beauty’ – his debut film after the theater who brought him an Oscar, allowing entering the list of five directors, who received Oscars for their debut film work. He brilliantly revealed in the theater and in general is a man who strongly reflects the nuances making them particularly colorful, for which the audience loves him.

The musical reveals events that took place in Europe of 1930s, where pre-war tragedy develops as a background. But the main events – the personal dramas – are strong series to which the viewer cannot remain indifferent. The protagonist is a writer who comes to Berlin, pretty quickly disappointed in this place and goes to write his new novel in yet relatively quiet Paris, while all who are left behind will experience a very unenviable fate of war hardships.

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