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Cabaret Lyrics

This musical has gone through some comebacks and some scenes were rewritten in versions of 1998 and 2004 (for example, the presence of cocaine in the action, which is taken by the future mother, who then makes the abortion). The musical was created in 1951 and a writer who originally worked on this, Sandy Wilson, was not able to completely recreate the environment of 1920 – 1930 in it, so in the work on the musical were invited two more people, J. Kander & F. Ebb.

With the development of the plot, which is an adaptation of the story of the 1920s, it has been strongly altered and deliberately made gloomier to display the development of Nazism in Germany at that time. Before the end of the musical, public sees the gas chamber and realizes that ignoring the frightening events in the political life of the country can lead to hectic manner in which you may be deprived of life. That is, each person has to be motivated for the action – to change something and fight or to flee. This moral line is superimposed on the plot, which, in a result of processing, now possessed two lines. The first is the decline of the local cabaret that is also a brothel, and the second – the growth of a trouble in society with the coming to power of the Nazi Party.

The first production was on Broadway in 1966, where it had 21 previews and 1165 main shows. In 1968, a national tour was launched that visited the largest cities. In the same year, in London, it started at the West End, where it has held 336 shows.

Subsequent resurrections of the musical were: 1986 in London, 1987 on Broadway, 1993 again in London (where was the genius direction of Sam Mendes), 1998 – Broadway, 2004 – Broadway again.
Release date: 1966
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