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Don't Tell Mama Lyrics

And now, meine Damen und Herren... Mesdames et
Messieurs... Ladies and Gentlemen- The Kit Kat Klub
is proud to present a most talented young lady from
England. Yes- England! I give you- and don't forget
to give her back when you're finished with her- the
toast of Mayfair... Fraulein Sally Bowles!!

Thinks I'm living in a convent,
A secluded little convent
In the southern part of France.

Doesn't even have an inkling
That I'm working in a Nightclub
In a pair of Lacy pants.
So please, sir.
If you run into my Mama,
Don't reveal my indiscretion,
Give a working girl a chance.

Hush up,
Don't tell Mama,
Shush up,
Don't tell Mama...
Don't tell Mama,
Whatever you do.
If you had a secret,
You bet I would keep it.
I would never tell on you.
I'm breaking every promise
That I gave her,
So won't you kindly do a girl
A great big favor?
And please, my sweet patater,
Keep this from the Mater,
Though my dance
Is not against the law.

You can tell my Papa, that's all right,
'Cause he comes in here every night,
But don't tell Mama what you saw!

Thinks I'm on a tour of Europe,
With a couple of my school chums
And a lady chaperone.

Doesn't even have an inling
That I left them all in Antwerp
And I'm touring on my own.

So please, Sir
If you run into my Mama
Don't reveal my indiscretion.

Just leave well enough alone.

Hush up,

Don't tell Mama.

Shush up,

Don't tell Mama;
Don't tell Mama
Whatever you do.

If you had a secret,
You bet I would keep it.

I would never tell on you.
You wouldn't want to get me
In a pickle,

And have her go and cut me off
Without a nickle.

So let's trust one another,
Keep this from my mother,
Though I'm still as pure as mountain snow.

You can tell my Uncle
Here and now
'Cause he's my agent anyhow,

But don't tell Mama what you know.

You can tell my brother,
That ain't grim
'Cause if her squeals on me
I'll squeal on him,

But don't tell Mama, bitte
Don't tell Mama, please, Sir.
Don't tell Mama, what you know.


If you see my, Mummy,
Mum's the word!
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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