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Witness to History Lyrics » Brooklyn

Witness to History Lyrics

Yeah, they say if you were in attendance that
night, then you, my friend, were a witness to
history. Ah, but with a touch of mystery.
You see, before her final bow, Brooklyn would always sing the "unfinished lullaby"

La la la la, la la, la la la la,
La la la...

...though she would never sing the words.
Y'see, if you remember, only one other
person knew the words and she longed to
hear his voice sing them back to her. So
Brooklyn would us her new found fame in
America to call for her father. Ah, but fame
in the land of the pilgrim's pride ain't no fairy
tale. You see, a lot of people want it, few get
it, and once you got it, you ain't gonna ever
give it up. Oh, and people let me tell you,
nobody knew that better than the Brooklyn
born and bred Ms. Paradice!

Now this may come as quite a little shock to
you all, but I did'nt know me Daddy either.

A force of nature, a natural born world
shaker. Born on Mean Street right across
from Ugly Road, honed on hustle, raised on
riot. Educated in the Red Hook projects, got
her Ph.D. in survival, and would to whatever
it takes to remain America's diva of the
decade. Oh, and people, let me tell you,
don'tchu ever musspell her name, that's

...d.i.c.e 'cause I was born on with nothin' but a
pair-a-dice around my neck. And from that
pair-a-dice, I built me a paradise. And no one...
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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