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Streetsinger Lyrics

He took the Street alone,
Just an' old coat
And a Saxophone
An old bit of Cardboard sign
That's where his name was Scrawled upon
My name was up in Light
His soul lit up the night
A voice on a Sidewalk stage
He held the crowd Amazed
And the sounds.. that he played
were tender and strong
then he sang his song

I can see the sun
Peaking from the Clouds
I hear a Choir of Sparrows
Singing from them trees

There's a new constellation
Oh, I'm gonna sing it out loud
And change is on the way
I can feel it in me

The streets in the heart of town
A cold wind
The sun goes down
The crowd starts to gather 'round
and he's singing for free

A soul that can move the stars
Sleeps on sidewalks and Subway cars
The prince of the Boulevard
And he's down on his knees

There was hope, joy, and pain
In every refrain,
When he sang his song again

Now we go and see that
If we look inside ourselves
Said love, love, love
Can save the wretched
From life's misery
We are born with this goodness
We can share in his wealth
And change is on the way
I can feel it for you

Oh yeah, and the Street Singer
Showed me that life ain't fair
Some people go far
And some go nowhere
Some live with love
And some never do

And the change is on the way,
I can feel it for you

My set of changes is on the way Change is on the way
I can feel it for you!
Oh, the change is on the way!

I can feel it for..

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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