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Magic Man Lyrics

Man it sure feels like this next scene is just beggin for me to play a part,
Because I just can't bear to see that little girl hurtin no more.

You can change the world by changin someone,
And maybe that's what we're put on Earth for.
I know that's what I'm on Earth for.
I'll make this rusty ole crowbar a full saxaphone and like a magical wand,
I'll wave my magic on you.
Cause when you change someone's life, you're changing your own,
And baby ain't that what we're all here to do?
I know that's what I've got to do.

Now in Cinderella they had a fairy Godmother right?
Oh but in my show...I'll be your Magic Man in this fairytale.
I'll be your Magic Man tonight.
And from this patch of ground I'll move the stars around and shower you in light.
I'll be your Magic
Man (Magic Man!) In this fairytale.
I'll be your Magic Man (Magic Man!) well tonight.
And from this sidewalk stage I'll set the sky ablaze.
From this sidewalk stage I'll set the sky ablaze till every star out in heaven shines on Brooklyn tonight

Magic Man! Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

Cause every life needs a litte magic right? Yeah
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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