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Superlover Lyrics

Faster than a speeding bullet...

No how...

More powerful than a locomotive...

No way...

Able to devour all superheros with just one single kiss...

...will invade my domain!
Especially no French-vanilla import who has the audacity to call herself "Brooklyn."

Ladies and gentlemen, Saturday morning was never like this.
Radio City Music Hall is proud to present the one, the only, mzzzzzz paradice!

Well, Superman
Ain't packin' no rocket
'Cause his red shiny cape
Hangs in my bedroom closet

Now I hear Miss Lane
Wants to even the score
Well I swing both wats, Lois
Come and knock on my door

I'm your superlover
I've got special powers
You'll be weak and helpless
My love will devour

Like Samson and Delilah, like Adam and Eve,
women like me bring men to their knees
read about it... It's in your Bibles.

The itsy bitsy Spiderman
Climbed up the water spout
With the power of seduction
I took that spider out

Now he's no longer spinning webs
To save humanity
He's just spinning beneath my sheets
In insect-uality

I'm your superlover
I've got special powers
You'll be weak and helpless
My love will devour

Pow! Wham! Bam! Kaboom!

Holy cunnilingus!

Batman's shakin' the room!


I'm gonna steal his car
I?m gonna steal his thunder
And when I?m through
I?m gonna do the boy wonder
So, now whats this I hear about parents and
teachers picketing this very theater, saying
that I?m robbing their children of their
Like I?m some wicked witch of the hood, or
somethin?. Well take a look at your children ?
they?re having unprotected sex, are they not?
And that could be costly, could cost them
their lives. Now, me? I?m just having a little
friction with fiction, baby. Hi ho silver!

Well, the ol? Lone Ranger
Got a brand new hobby
Tanto?s on that war path
I?m the new kimosabe

And some say this girl
Ain?t up to the task
Why don?t you do yourself a favor
And ask the Lone Ranger
While I sit on his mask

I'm your superlover
I've got special powers
You'll be weak and helpless
My love will devour

Now, as far as losing innocence, America, you
lost yours long before I came on the scene.
And no little virgin mary from gay Paris is
gonna bring it back to ya. I mean ?give me
you tired, your poor, your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free.? you ain?t no melting
pot? you a crock! A country of immigrants
and you all hate immigrants. White hate black,
black hate Jew, and you all hate anyone new!
And you think your kids don?t see that? I
mean, we?ve got crack on the streets. And
brother I know you got a coupla? six-packs in
your fridge and baby, get yourself to AA ?cause
I can smell the liquor on your breath from
here. And you think your kids don?t see that?
Oh, and lets not kid ourselves, America, you
sometimes go to war just ?cause it?s good for
the old pocketbook. And AIDS?? Sounds like
genocide to me. I mean, you got priests raping
little boys, you got third graders walking to
school with crayons in one hand and an AK-47
in the other. Well you look at me, America,
you look at me and you look at me good! You
see you created me. And I am nothin? if not a
true blue, red-blooded, home-grown, pull-
yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps American hero!

Yeah, i'm your superlover
I've got special powers
You'll be weak and helpless
My love will devour!!!!
Oh, oh, oh!!
Last Update: October, 27th 2014

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