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Brooklyn Musical Lyrics

Brooklyn Lyrics

  1. Good Crowd Goin'
  2. Heart Behind These Hands
  3. Thank You, Sir
  4. Scene One
  5. Christmas Makes Me Cry
  6. Not A Sound
  7. Brooklyn Grew Up
  8. Creating Once Upon A Time
  9. Once Upon A Time
  10. Witness to History
  11. Superlover
  12. Challenge
  13. Brooklyn In The Blood
  14. Brooklyn Grew Up (Reprise)
  15. Magic Man
  16. Once Upon A Time (Reprise)
  17. Love Was A Song
  18. I Never Knew His Name
  19. Truth
  20. Does Anybody Wanna Buy A Memory?
  21. Raven
  22. Sometimes
  23. Madison Square Garden
  24. Love Me Where I Live
  25. Love Fell Like Rain
  26. Magic Man (Reprise)
  27. Streetsinger

Brooklyn description

Jeff Calhoun was the director of this musical on Broadway, which opened at late October 2004. One of the creators of the musical was Gerald Schoenfeld and, whether for services, whether because he was too generous in sponsorship, the theater was named after him after only a year from the start of the show. The original name of the theater was a Plymouth Theatre. Total 284 performances – that was the verdict of the public, who took this production quite restrained. Impressive 27 previews did not help in going further. According to the criteria of the current time, this number of the show reflects the overall lack of success and fun enough only for a couple of seasons. Actors were the following: C. Derricks, K. Olivo, R. Keller, K. Anderson & E. Espinosa.

However, despite the dim performance on Broadway, the musical began a national tour on cities in 2006, with this composition of the actors: L. Morgan, D. DeGarmo, C. Derricks, M. Moore & J. Reiber.

Recording the music on CD took place between 2004 and 2006.

In 2008, the city Janesville took the play for 2 months, with this set of actors: A. Linden, E. Samsel, D. Seward, J. Edwards, J. M. Eberhart, B. J. Frazier & C. Waller. In the same year, 14th Street Theatre, in Ohio, shown the production in a town called Berea – it was staged by the local college.

The musical also came to the capital of Brazil, to São Paulo, in 2012.
Release date: 2004
Last Update:December, 23rd 2015

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