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Creating Once Upon A Time Lyrics » Brooklyn

Creating Once Upon A Time Lyrics

La la la, la la la


Mommy? Mommy!

Oh Brooklyn, I'm sorry I didn't give you a happy ending, I know I stole that from you.
Always keep the lullabye close to your heart,
learn the truth about your father, it will help you to heal.

But how? Where would I even...

Trust the voice inside of you Brooklyn. Follow it to America.

Brooklyn: (sung)
Has anyone ever sung you a lullabye.

Faith: (spoken)
There's magic in your music, and through your music, your father, he'll hear you

Brooklyn: (sung)
You can fly above the rainclouds, close your eyes.

Faith: (spoken)
Just let the melody carry you, leave all your fears behind

Brooklyn: (sung)
Let the melody carry you, leave all your fears behind.

Faith: (spoken)
And once upon a time will find you

Brooklyn: (sung)
And float across the rainbow sky to once upon a time

Once upon a time

I believe in miracles

Once upon a time

I believe love will conquer all

Once upon a time

I believe anything is possible

Brooklyn and Faith:
Now once upon a time has never felt more right.

Well soon Faith's beautiful little girl became a famous young woman.
Famous for her song, a song that finds the lost child in all of us.
Oh, and now she's famous where it counts, where nothing but fame counts, America!

Ladies and gentlemen, Carnigie Hall proudly welcomes Paris's amazing grace, Brooklyn!

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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