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Brooklyn synopsis

The musical has small part of coherent narration and some digressions from the main theme. There is no rod, such as a single storyline. Reception "game within the game" is used, as well as reception of "memories of the past, which complement the story of the present". So, we meet a group of slackers, bums that exist at the bottom of society, with the rats, aimless and pointless. Only occasionally they turn their corner of dullness and hopelessness into a kind of stage where they give all the passers-by and own "colleagues" kind of show, talking about a singer from France.

After the start of "playing the game", we understand that this is the Parisian French girl, the mother of whom hanged herself, and she never knew the father. One day she discovers own beautiful voice, which leads her to the heights of fame and glory. She becomes a star and now receives the ability to find her father. She decides to do it. All she knows about him – he lives in the USA, somewhere in Brooklyn (the same as this girl’s name). Arriving there, she met different personalities, helping her in finding him and eventually she finds. He is a drunker, former military, who passed the war in Vietnam and now ekes out a very miserable existence.

She leaves him and is involved in the vocal competition, which takes place at Madison Square Garden, with the involvement of the local opera diva. And that girl wins the competition and it gives her not only the sympathy of the audience, but also much fame and recognition.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Brooklyn Lyrics

  1. Good Crowd Goin'
  2. Heart Behind These Hands
  3. Thank You, Sir
  4. Scene One
  5. Christmas Makes Me Cry
  6. Not A Sound
  7. Brooklyn Grew Up
  8. Creating Once Upon A Time
  9. Once Upon A Time
  10. Witness to History
  11. Superlover
  12. Challenge
  13. Brooklyn In The Blood
  14. Brooklyn Grew Up (Reprise)
  15. Magic Man
  16. Once Upon A Time (Reprise)
  17. Love Was A Song
  18. I Never Knew His Name
  19. Truth
  20. Does Anybody Wanna Buy A Memory?
  21. Raven
  22. Sometimes
  23. Madison Square Garden
  24. Love Me Where I Live
  25. Love Fell Like Rain
  26. Magic Man (Reprise)
  27. Streetsinger

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