To Model lyrics - Bright Lights, Big City

To Model lyrics

To Model

To model is to show the world
The power of a beautiful illusion
To model it to wallow in a blissful state
Of chaos and confusion
The catwalk, the bitch talk
The ulcers, the menopause at twenty-five
To model, to model is to fly
To model is to never have to go back to my Kansas City trailer
To model is to lose the fear I always used to feel
Of future failure
The flashbulbs, the camera wall
The media, the big cocaine in the upstairs lounge
To model, to model is to get me high
Didn?t I wanna be somebody?
Didn?t I wanna be someone?
Remember when I met you?
Me, the little flower girl from Kansas
All my glossy magazines and magic dreams
Of Studio 54, the Plaza Hotel
Mama said don?t marry you, he?ll run off like they always do
Like all her husbands did before
Mommy?s now on husband number four
Men always leave
But there you were, a boy with a book
Moving East, take me to
Bright lights, big city
Bright lights, big city, yeah

Remember when we took that horse and carriage
Through the park and walked to Tiffany?
Lunch at the Four Seasons
Talking marriage and the giving up of liberty
The wedding bells, the cocktail check
That funny little hat you wore when walking down the aisle
I miss your smile, I miss your smile

To model is to finally see another side of me
That was in hiding
To model is to shut my eyes and float upon this fantasy
I?m riding
I like it, I love it
The world outside my window every morning when I rise
I open up my eyes to see
To model is to release the me inside
You can see me Thursday
I?ll be modeling on MTV
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