Missing lyrics - Bright Lights, Big City

Missing lyrics


Coma Baby:
Coma baby, coma baby
Still I lie in mommy?s tummy
Warm in here, I think I want to stay
Mommy?s crying, mommy?s dying
Mommy might not even last the day

Mary O?Brien McCann:
I am Mary O?Brien McCann
I was last seen in Washington Square
Now I?m missing
I met a man with a plan
He took my shivering hand
Now I?m gone
Please, could you find me?
Please don?t go
Please, could you find me?
Please don?t go

Don?t go Amanda
Amanda, I see your face everywhere
I sense your skin, smell your hair
There?s no escaping after all
There?s your poster on that wall
On that wall, on that wall
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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