Bright Lights, Big City synopsis

Bright Lights, Big City Synopsis - Broadway musical

Jamie, a young man from the province, comes in a large New York City to become a writer, he dreamed for a long time. In the process of settlement in a new place, he finds temporary work, which is terribly boring (for him), and his boss is not a talkative woman. His duties are to re-examine the facts in the articles before they are published in the journal – monotonous and routine job. It is very different from the nature of Jamie.

Jamie meets a guy named Tad, which draws Jamie into the abyss of drugs, gender relations and nightlife from which Jamie cannot escape for a long time. Because of his addiction, he loses a job, albeit boring, but still bringing him sustenance. Also, he loses touch with the real world and its related environment – his wife leaves him, wanting to be realized in some way, following her heart, went to Paris, throwing him like a hot potato. In addition, he get distanced from his brother, who was very upset by the death of their relatives, and now lost a support in the face of Jamie.

Tad introduces Jamie with a girl in the club, which was not supposed to be nothing but a lure for one night. But it was not so – she has captivated him with her refined nature, broad philosophical outlook on life & sophistication. Thanks to her, he began to climb out of the quagmire into which sank, got acquainted with the drugs. He restored all that could – the relationship with his brother and sat down to write his novel, which he started a bit. His wife did not return, but she didn’t has to – he's happy with his new relationship.
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