Coma Baby lyrics - Bright Lights, Big City

Coma Baby lyrics

Coma Baby

Fucking train, fucking rain
Fucking pain in my brain
Monday morning
Woke up grumpy, feeling frumpy
Feeling lumpy, cup of coffee
Read the paper
What?s the headline?

Coma Baby:
Coma baby, coma baby
Monday morning, coma baby
Will I ever see the light of day?
Stuck in here in mommy?s tummy
Warm in here, I want to stay
And chase the Monday morning blues away

Save us from the teenage terrorists,
Lottery winners, sicko creeps,
Elizabeth Taylors, living nightmares,
Life on other planets, Janet
Spontaneous human combustion, dammit

Coma Baby:
Coma baby, coma baby,
Look at Jamie, slept through Sunday
Late for work again
But not too bad
Well, he never fit in really
Father always on the move
New school every year
We all got our problems, baby

Coma Baby and Ensemble:
You?ve got to rise above it
Move on up
Shimmy, shimmy, gimme
Gimme, feel me fatal
Fire and metal, rocks and steel
Rim shaw, ricashay, do anything you feel
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Whoa, whoa, whoa

Chuck Bean:
This is Chuck Bean on the scene
Of yet another murder
Where the blame is down to crack,
The new smack
The Mayor vows to attack crack
I?ll be back
This is Chuck Bean on the scene
Live from New York City
And remember, people,
Survive, stay alive

Coma Baby and Ensemble:
Coma baby, coma baby,
Coma baby, coma

Mary O?Brien McCann:
Please, could you find me?
Please don?t go
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