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Teach Him a Lesson lyrics

Teach Him a Lesson

[Intro: Biff Howard Tannen, 3D (Goon #1), Slick (Goon#2)]
You hear that guys? "Calvin Klein's goin' to the sissy dance on Saturday"! Well, we wouldn't be caught dead, at a thing like that, would we guys?!
No...! Yes...!

[Biff Tannen, 3D (Goon #1), Slick (Goon#2), (3D & Slick), Biff and gang]
There's somethin' about that punk
That I don't trust
He's dangerous
There's somethin' that don't add up
And a hockey stick
There's somethin' about that guy
Since he appeared!
It's really weird!
There's somethin' that's all messed up
It don't make sense how he's dressed up!

I'm gonna find him
And wh?n I do (And when you do...)
I'm gonna remind him
Of what a man can't do!

I'm gonna
Teach him a l?sson
That he'll always forget! ("Never forget"!)
Teach him for messin' with
A man he won't regret... ("Man he will regret"!)
Yes, I'm the man he won't regret! ("Will regret"!)

Teach him a lesson
That I haven't learnt yet
Teach him for messin' with
A man he will forget... ("Man he won't"!)
Yes, I'm the man
(You're the man)
I'm the man
(You're the man)
I'm the man!
(He'll be destroyed!)

There's somethin' about that boy
It's heads, he wins
And tails, I lose!
There's somethin' that I'll/(he'll) destroy
I'll pay his dues!
I'll shine his shoes!

SATURDAY NIGHT!!! (*laughs evilly*)
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